It’s time to give up. I just can’t wander around the world wondering if I can ever do this crazy thing I’ve always wanted to do, but it’s over. I’m done. I’m going to give a few fledgling keystrokes to my craft, let people attack my prose and just (try to) love every second of it…because I want my life to at least resemble the life I’ve been imagining.

So, the plan is to share some writing with a few strangers and not take it personally when people don’t fall in love with it. The plan is also to get good at it, but I’ll try not to get ahead of myself here. I mean, I have a lot to learn about where and how to share my fiction. I also have absolutely no experience blogging. It’s a little frightening.

It’s actually a LOT frightening. One of my writing fears is sounding trite and inducing eye rolls when I put what I have perceived as passionate, mind blowing words on the page only to make readers groan, “spare me.” Sadly, writing in private will get me nowhere. I have to share the bad with the good and just get set on improving.

I know I have a lot going great in my life and so much to celebrate, so it’s time to stop thinking about what I could do, and actually risk a little humiliation, get out there and give it a go. Writing has been one of my ignored passions and I am so lucky to have the resources to give blogging (and writing) a try. So…It’s time.



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