A few words on Broken Keystrokes: First, I have no idea where to go with a title, so that is broken, and I love typing words, so there are your keystrokes. Maybe I’ll think of something better, but I couldn’t stand looking at that little ‘add your own title here’ sort of message. Also, it seems like it could mean 100 different things to 100 different people, and I like that. So, off we go.

A few words on me: I am a mom, a wife, a coach, a teacher, a Great Dane owner, and I’d like to be a writer. I’ve been thinking about writing, talking about writing, but not actually writing for too long now, but there are too many inspirational quotes popping up on Facebook to ignore. It’s like they want me to believe I can do something worthwhile or something. So frustrating. (I’m really hoping your getting my sense of humor here.)

A few words on my first blog: My intentions are to get to the point where I have a blog that has some fun little anecdotes on life, parenting, teaching, writing, dog ownership (because my stupid dog is hilarious) and when I get really brave, I’ll be posting some fiction. The fiction is my real goal. The rest is all to practice for toughening up my heart. It’s all soft and vulnerable from years of crossing out lines I think don’t work, and hiding the ones I think do work.